Roark Aluminum has fine-tuned, refined and perfected the manner in which we install, repair, supplement or replace the eyes of your home. Be it Bay, Awning, Casement, Hopper, Picture, Double Hung, Singe Hung – the list goes on and on. Your windows are the most fragile portion of your home but are also where visitor’s eyes are drawn when taking your home in from afar. Whether it’s a simple screen, insulated glass, or a durable storm window, we have crafted, sculpted, and molded a variety of gorgeous, durable, and energy efficient options to suit your home’s needs.

Jefferson City windows and house project by Roark Aluminum

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    Exterior Window Types

    Roark Aluminum can help you with window replacement, window repairs, and even new construction. We carry windows in a variety of designs and sizes. There are differences in opening mechanisms and structure, as well as glass. The choices may seem overwhelming at first, but with over 200 years combined experience, our staff at Roark Aluminum will help you choose the best windows for your home, style, and budget. Our different window styles include:

    • Awning Windows
    • Casement Windows
    • Double Hung Windows
    • Hopper Windows
    • Picture Windows
    • Single Hung Windows
    • Slider Windows
    • Geometric Windows

    Exterior Window Materials

    As there are different window styles, windows are also made from different materials. Most styles of windows are available in a number of different materials. Each material has advantages and disadvantages in terms of maintenance and appearance. 

    • Aluminum — Lightweight and maintenance-free with a sharp, modern look. Metal windows absorb heat quickly and must be fitted with extra insulation to achieve ideal energy ratings.
    • Wood — Wood is a great insulator but it expands and shrinks with changing temperatures which can possibly leave gaps. Wood can be easily stained and painted to update the exterior look of your home.
    • Fiberglass — Offers strength comparable to aluminum and insulating properties similar to wood and vinyl. It can be provided in a variety of finishes and can generally be repainted.
    • Vinyl — The most commonly used framing material because it offers good thermal performance and requires little maintenance. Vinyl can withstand the elements of Mother Nature and help reduce noise.

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    There are other materials available for window installation. Contact us to learn more about the different pane options and window tints available as well as insulation and reflective coatings. We look forward to helping you with any questions you have regarding your window installation.

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    Product Partners

    Explore the different window options available from Roark Aluminum. Our product partners provide the highest quality making it easy to customize framing, energy efficiency, design, color, and style for your home’s updated look.

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